Secabo THE BEAST

    The ultimate professional device for high-end applications at the highest level - THE BEAST by Secabo combines a newly developed smart heat press, a unique membrane heat plate and a heated base plate. TS7 SMART - the core device of THE BEAST is Secabo's first "made in Germany" heat press. THE BEAST allows for high-end applications and gentle garment transfers. Thanks to its modular design, the newly developed Secabo TS7 SMART heat Press in combination with the Softheat SH7 heat plate and the Thermobase TB7 can master even the most demanding tasks in garment finishing. The combined product "THE BEAST" works quickly, protects the garments and solves problems that are common during transfer. State-of-the-art garment finishing - The swing-away heat press TS7 SMART by Secabo gets garment finishing up to date: It is a high-performance, efficient press that processes large prints with a work surface of 40 x 50 cm and easily handles transfer objects with a height of up to ten centimeters. The new TS7 SMART can also be controlled using the Secabo App. It currently features the most extensive database of transfer parameters available on the market: The customer merely chooses the type of fabric as well as the desired transfer medium and the app automatically retrieves the appropriate temperature, time and pressure settings. A major advantage of the Secabo app are the simple instructions for complex multi-stage transfer processes. New heating technology for transfers without pressure marks - With the new Secabo SH7 Softheat membrane heating plate, a membrane automatically inflates once the press is closed. This new heating technology - also Made in Germany - compensates for unevenness such as seams, pockets or buttons and significantly minimizes heat marks. Even shiny polo collars are a thing of the past. Pressure and temperature peaks at problematic areas such as buttons, collar, hem and seam are nearly eliminated. The softheat plate is ready for use after only three minutes of warming up and consumes significantly less electricity than conventional heating technology. With the new Thermobase TB7, Secabo also offers a heated base plate as an extension. This is particularly recommended for sensitive garments. It also enables its user to reliably perform white toner transfers and sublimation transfers. The heat is also supplied from below when using the thermal base. This allows for an overall lower transfer temperatures, shorter transfer times and minimizes undesirable marks on garments. As is to be expected from Secabo, the BEAST is exceptionally user-friendly and can also be operated by novice users. THE BEAST is compatible with quick-change systems, exchangeable base plates and the slide extension as well as other accessories by Secabo. In order to ensure smooth operation, we also deliver the BEAST with the HP7 standard heat plate, in order to optimize every - and we mean absolutely every - heat transfer.

    Intelligent display functions and intuitive control concept

    Our SMART models are equipped with new electronics that were developed on the basis of Secabo's extensive industry know-how and are made in Europe. In addition to familiar settings such as temperature and time, the range of functions has been expanded to include settings for pre-pressing, a counting function, sleep and auto-off mode, 10 memory locations for transfer parameters, and many other features. The control concept has been completely revised to allow the user even better press handling - the new rotary pushbutton and the large display make a significant contribution.

    Secabo app for a precise and efficient workflow

    The completely redesigned Secabo app is a free feature for all SMART heat presses and their accessories. It is a huge information pool for laymen as well as professionals - most manufacturer information is readily available for use directly via the Secabo app, and you'll also find values that were tested and verified by Secabo for many types of media. A major advantage of the Secabo app are the simple instructions for complex multi-stage transfer processes. In addition to time and temperature, various pressure settings can also be differentiated. The combination with small base plates and thus extremely high contact pressure achieves dramatically short transfer times, which have so far never been indicated by a manufacturer of heat presses or transfer media. Given an established Bluetooth connection, the app can automatically push the selected settings to the press. With the Secabo app, several SMART heat presses can also be selected and controlled via a mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet or even via a laptop. We also make the entire know-how of our Secabo app available to you offline.

    High flexibility regardless of the type of material used

    The SH7's heating membrane resembles a heated balloon. The membrane fills with air during the press process, thus smoothing out any unevenness. The garment is placed with its entire surface, then the transfer is aligned and you start the pressing process! The heating membrane is a wearing part that is subject to a certain amount of wear and tear - but it can be reordered and replaced without any problems. Careful handling of the membrane, e.g. avoiding sharp edges in the press, significantly increases its durability!

    Highly recommended for toner transfers

    In the case of toner transfers, two types of media (paper/film) usually have to be pressed together and then immediately removed while hot. This process is much easier and more reliable with a base plate with configurable heat, which can significantly reduce the process costs for such transfers in comparison with conventional base plates. THE BEAST does this with with excellence thanks to the TB7.

    Efficiency and ease of use

    Secabo products guarantee a high degree of efficiency and user friendliness. Thanks to the Beast, button strips, seams or zippers can easily be pressed over. The fact that many garments can simply be placed over the entire surface of the base plate, without a template or similar aids, is not only time-saving but also gives you the opportunity to clearly align your transfer on the garment.


    Technical Data

    Size of the work surfaces40cm x 50cm (HP7), 35cm x 45cm (SH7) and 40cm x 50 cm (TB7)
    Adjustment path of the max. Object height70mm
    swivel angle110 °, opening to the right or left possible
    max temperature225 ° C (HP7), 190 ° C (SH7) and 160 ° C (TB7) °C
    max. downforce250 g / cm² (HP7) and 360 g / cm² (SH7)
    maximum time preset999 s (TS7 SMART)
    Power supply:AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2 kW (TS7 SMART), AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 1.3kW (SH7) and AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2.0kW (TB7)
    environment+ 5 ° C - + 35 ° C / 30% - 70% humidity (applies to all components)
    dimensionsW: 596 mm x D: 1070 mm H: 854 mm (TS7 SMART with stand), 44cm x 54cm x 8cm (SH7) and 41cm x 51cm x 7cm (TB7)
    weight64kg (TS7 SMART), 15kg (SH7) and 13kg (TB7)
    scope of deliveryTransfer press (TS7 SMART), SH7, TB7, HP7, quick-change system, power cable and German-language operating instructions
    optionsRemovable plates and slide extension
    Membrane lifeThe membrane is a wearing part. If you work with the Membrane correctly, you can expect it to have a lifespan of 25,000 transfers.
    pressure settingvia height adjustment of the heating plate (TS7 SMART) and adjustment of pneumatic pressure 0-360 g / cm² (SH7)
    Heating up time SH72.5min - 3min



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